The quite recent history of Coornhert Model United Nations

COMUN started as an initiative mainly of Coornhert student Jesper Kuppen, after which Saskia Tak, Geert van Gils and Evelien Driesen quickly joined in, who then brought together an Executive Staff from within the Coornhert Gymnasium (or more specifically, its Debating Society).

The students of the Coornhert Gymnasium Debating Society have been visiting many MUN-conferences in the Netherlands and other countries over the past seven years. However, in 2015 they decided that it was time for organizing their own conference. These students wanted to make this conference different from other conferences, and therefore many ideas were conceived. Plans were developed over the year 2015, and that resulted in this unique conference.

The Board of Directors, consisting of teachers of the Coornhert Gymnasium, supervises the Secretariat and the Executive Staff. It is a permanent panel that watches over the quality of the Coornhert Model United Nations conference. With of course Michel Klijmij as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, being our school’s MUN-Director for the past seven years.

The Board of Advisors, consisting of the founders of COMUN, advises the Secretariat on organizational matters. It is a permanent panel as well, and provides useful guidelines for the Secretariat and the Executive staff, based on its experience in organizing the conference. The head of the Board of Advisors is Jesper Kuppen, being the first Secretary-General of COMUN.