Conference Venue: Huis van de Stad

Conference venue: Huis van de Stad

COMUN is hosted at the ‘Huis van de Stad’ (literally translated: House of the City), the new town hall of Gouda. The construction of the Huis van de Stad was finished in 2012, and carries the nickname ‘The Syrup Waffle’, due to its appearance. In the building are various municipal departments located. The city council meetings and working spaces for the members of this council are housed in the Huis van de Stad.

The Huis van de Stad is the most perfect venue for such an international event, with the City Council Hall functioning as the Security Council and the plenary sessions’ venue. It is located right next to our central station and  our ‘Cheese’ cinema (Gouda seems to like its local products). The conference is therefore very easy accessible. When inside on the 11th of February, you’ll get a warm Gouda welcome, involving coffee, tea and of course; syrup waffles.

Conference venue address:

Huis van de Stad
Burgemeester Jamesplein 1
2803 PG Gouda