Conference Structure

With COMUN we want to introduce you to a new conference structure, one distinguished by its one-day structure, a structure that calls for several adjustments to the common program.

First there is a limited time for lobbying. This is caused by the one-day nature of the conference. The lobbying time will be set to approximately half an hour, meaning that we urge all delegates to come prepared to COMUN for the transition to be as smooth, and for the lobbying to be as effective, as possible.

Second of all, due to the fact all of COMUN takes place on one day, all committees have one issue instead of three. These issues have a direct association with our theme. The research reports that will be released will be written by the presidents of the corresponding committee. Additionally we do not have General Assembly Committees but all committees are councils. This means that all committees have the entire day to debate the issue with resolutions. Keep in mind that this means COMUN has only presidents instead of chairs in all committees.