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Conference Structure

With COMUN we want to introduce you to a new conference structure, one distinguished by its one-day structure, a structure that calls for several adjustments to the common program. First there is a limited time for lobbying. This is caused by the one-day nature of the conference. The lobbying time will be set to approximately half an hour, meaning that we urge all delegates to come prepared to CO...
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Staff 2019

Secretariat   Lise Duijvestijn - Secretary-General Emma Docter - Deputy Secretary-General for External Affairs Thomas Urgert - Deputy Secretary-General for Internal Affairs Jent Imelman - Head of Finances   Executive Staff  Neri Weevers & Daniël Zieren - Academic Advisors Hedde van Heerde & Floris van Haaster - Administration Managers Aron Boersma & Ma...
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Conference Venue: Huis van de Stad

Conference venue: Huis van de Stad COMUN is hosted at the 'Huis van de Stad' (literally translated: House of the City), the new town hall of Gouda. The construction of the Huis van de Stad was finished in 2012, and carries the nickname ‘The Syrup Waffle’, due to its appearance. In the building are various municipal departments located. The city council meetings and working spaces for the members ...
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