Privacy Statement

For the purpose of organising the COMUN conference, we collect personal data. This includes usage data on our website, communication data, and personal data for the purpose of registering and contacting participants in the conference. During the conference photos and videos are made to share on (social) media.

By registering for our conference you agree that your data is used to contact you regarding this conference and to be able to organise the conference in accordance with our privacy statement.

With regards to conference pictures and videos: the MUN Director will sign a form to authorise pictures being made and shared on behalf of the students, and is responsible for getting the appropriate authorisation from those students (and in case of underage children from their parents).

Committees & Issues

The research reports for the issues can be found by clicking on the respective issue. Please keep in mind that there is no research report for the Crisis Committee, but, instead, an instruction booklet for delegates to read.

Security Council

The question of Tuareg and other Islamic Groups in Mali

African Union

The situation in Nigeria concerning the Boko Haram

Human Rights Council

The Rohingya conflict in Myanmar

Crisis Committee

Crisis Booklet 2019


Contact information

Please feel free to send us an email or contact us when you have any question or messages for us. We will answer you as soon as possible! Contact us at

If you wish to contact one of the members of the secretariat personally, you can do so as well.

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The address you can reach us on by postal mail is as follows:

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