On behalf of the Secretariat and the Executive Staff, you are cordially invited to be a participant in the seventh annual edition of the Coornhert Model United Nations. It will be hosted at the Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda, the Netherlands, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February. The Secretariat consists of four students attending the Coornhert Gymnasium.

The theme for this year reads: ‘From a separated world to global peace: the need for a new look on institutions.’ During these unstable times it is apparent that many international organisations lack the political power they need to solve international issues, since sovereignty of individual countries is the primary concern. It is imperative to remember the importance of global cooperation and to re-evaluate our tools. We must move towards a brighter future and a peaceful world.

This year’s edition is featuring a brand-new committee: the International Court of Justice. With the addition of the Security Council, Crisis Committee, ECOSOC, HRC, and the General Assembly, the setup of this edition is a recipe for success.

To properly organise our MUN, we require you to pay a modest contribution. These costs cover catering, office supplies and an organised party. The fee will amount to 50 euros, with an early bird discount of 10 euros.

The seventh edition of a Model United Nations conference in Gouda. Organised by students of the Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda, the Netherlands.