Honourable Sir/Madam/Other,
On behalf of the Secretariat and the Executive Staff, you are cordially invited to participate in the seventh annual edition of the Coornhert Model United Nations. It will be hosted at the Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda, the Netherlands, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February.

The theme for this year reads: ‘From a separated world to global peace: the need for a new look on institutions.’ During these unstable times it is apparent that many international organisations lack the political power they need to solve international issues, since sovereignty of individual countries has been the primary concern. It is imperative to remember the importance of global cooperation and to re-evaluate our tools. We must move towards a brighter future and a peaceful world.

Since global peace cannot be reached without competent leaders, the 2023 edition is a crucial step to educate the next generation of diplomats, lawmakers and judges, and gift them an understanding of global politics. Containing the Security Council, Crisis Committee, ECOSOC, HRC, and the General Assembly, the setup of COMUN 2023 is a recipe for success. The conference welcomes delegates with varying experience, from practiced MUNers to first timers. A workshop will be given prior to the conference to introduce and clarify the procedures of MUN debate.

The conference fee will amount to €50 for delegates, student officers, press officers and MUN directors. The cost cover catering, office supplies as well as a Saturday night party. The conference provides housing for a small additional charge of €5. This needs to be requested before the 8th of November. We have the aspiration to fulfil every request, but we will give priority to those who travel the furthest or who would not be able to participate otherwise.

Registrations before the 21st of October will receive an early bird discount of €10. Single delegates as well as schools will be able to receive this discount. This does mean that school delegations will need to have submitted their individual registration by that date. The final deadline to register will be on the 8th of December. You may also register as student officer (before the 8th of November.), and as press officer (also before the 8th of December. The registration links can be found at the bottom of this letter, or on our website.

Student officers will proceed over one of the committees and will write the research reports. The DSGE will communicate with them to handle any uncertainties that may arise. As student officer you will have a significant
impact on the proceedings of the conference. We are sure, however, that we will work around all problems together, and that each of you will have a positive influence on the conference.
Press officers will cooperate with the COMUN press team to create publicity for the event. Roles like photography and social media managing are examples of possible tasks, and ideas are certainly welcome. We hope to be able to count on your enthusiasm to put COMUN back on the map. As the secretariat, we look forward to COMUN VII enthusiastically. With great interest in debate and international politics, we will strive to make this conference a memorable occasion. After three days of comprehensive debate have concluded, we hope you have built up your experience with MUN and that you have had a good time altogether.

Lore Eckelmans, Loran Smeets, Wiebe Engelen and Maartje Bus

The seventh edition of a Model United Nations conference in Gouda. Organised by students of the Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda, the Netherlands.