Committees & Issues

The research reports will be announced in January

Security Council

1 The situation in the strait of Hormuz

2 The continuation of territorial claims made in the artic

3 To be announced

Crisis Committee

To be announced

General Assembly 1

1 Revision of the iran nuclear deal

2 Militarisation of Artificial Intelligence

3 To be announced

General Assembly 3

1 The rebuilding of damaged cultural heritage sites in war zones

2 Protecting nations against foreign electoral intervention

3 To be announced

General Assembly 4

1 Protecting indegenous people in the Amazon rainforest

2 The growing exploition in East-Africa

3 To be announced

Special Conference

1 The Global shift in militairy power

2 The Global Shift of economic balance

3 The Global shift in manufacturing

Economic and Social Committee

1 The spread of Ebola in central Africa

2 The Fight against international drug organisations

3 The Question of Protectionism originated by trade wars between nations