Special committees

Crisis Committee (CC)

Kostja Varriale & Felix Meesters

The crisis will be announced during the debate

crisis committee information booklet


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Adhemar Emmink and Jette Sannen

Security Council (SC)

Robert Schippers and Mike Kuiper

  1. The situation in Ukraine.
  2. The question of the war on drugs in Mexico.
  3. The question of political instability in central Asia.

Human Rights Council (HRC)

Xaime Slingerland Rodal and Marie van Gelder

  1. The question of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.
  2. The question of migration in North and Central America.
  3. The situation in Iran.

General assemblies

General Assembly 1 (GA1)

Letty Kim and Carlijn van Best

disarmament and international security

General Assembly 3 (GA3)

Mirthe Breedijk and Ban Habib

social, humanitarian and cultural

General Assembly 4 (GA4)

Vikram Klaassens and Evgeny Ilin

decolonisation and special political

  1. Addressing the spread of hateful ideologies in politics.
  2. Combatting neo-colonialism in Africa.
  3. Guaranteeing civil and political rights in Latin America.