General Assembly 1

Mirthe Breedijk & Ban Habib

The situation of the Uyghur people in China

The use of radiological dispersal devices by terrorist groups

The protection of peaceful demonstrators in Myanmar

General Assembly 3

Vincent Esser & Thijmen Scheltus

Family-tracing in Armenia for the refugees from Nagorno Karabakh

The situation of education for girls in Afghanistan

Social impact of deepfake technology

General Assembly 4

Dahab Kamel & Imke Veenendaal

Rising threats against political leaders

The corruption in countries around the Red Sea

Semi-autonomous regions in East Asia

Security Council

Daphne de Haas & Xaime Slingerland

The question of the South-Chinese Sea

The war in Sudan

The situation in Ukraine

Crisis Committee

Louis Nijssen & Aisha de Groot & Kevin Roozendaal

To Be Announced

Economic and Social Council

Maartje Bus & Joshua Bessant

Child labor in Latin American countries

Overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea

Child marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Human Rights Council

Evgeny Ilin & Carlijn van Best

The question of human rights violations in Burundi

The containment of human rights related to climate change

Human rights violations committed by UN peacekeepers

North Atlantic Council

Leyla Poyraz & Vikrant Gupta

Strengthening the eastern flank of the NATO territory due to the threatening of invasion from the Russian Federation

NATO’s role in the protection of space

Preparing military bases for possible one-way attack drones

Historical Security Council

Kostja Varriale & Laetitia Kim

To Be Announced